Boost Post!  Should I Do It?

Anyone who has a business page on Facebook has seen the Boost post button next to a post that is performing well.  So as you sit there and think should I do it?  Will I get more visitors to my website?  It’s only $10.00 to run it for one day and look how many people it will reach.  Okay I’m doing it, WAIT! STOP!

Why wait?  Why stop?  It’s only $10.00 and I will hit 12,000 people with my post.  Yes it is only $10.00, but what are you trying to accomplish with your post?  Do you just want more post likes?  Are you trying to drive traffic to your website and want to measure the amount of traffic generated from the post?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before boosting a post.  When you create an ad campaign on Facebook you chose which objective you want.  If you want website clicks, then Facebook will optimize for links to your website, if it is website conversions, then Facebook will analyze everyone who has already converted and will try to reach similar people first.

When you boost posts, you also limit yourself on ad placement.  The default for boost post is desktop news feed and mobile news feed.

However when you boost post, your post is optimized for engagement and not clicks.  You could receive thousands of likes, however you end up with a low click through rate.  So that $10.00 you just spent did get you more likes on your post, however did it drive revenue to your pocket?

The bottom line is to take the time and create a proper ad to use on Facebook and setup you’re targeting.  By doing this, you will get a better click-through rate, better placement of your ad and a higher ROI.

If you have any questions or would like to see how Adirondack Online Services can help you grow your Facebook business, please feel free to contact us.