Summer Tips for your website

Update your content

Figure out which content brings in the most traffic and
then turn those posts into even bigger magnets. You
can update popular posts by adding new information,
long-tail keywords, and also updating the structure/
writing and updating the personal information of about
pages, author bios, etc.

Clean up the front end

Look through the main pages of your site and see if
anything can be removed. Ensure that all design elements
work toward a certain goal. Ask yourself, “how can the
user experience be further improved or streamlined?”

Find and remove broken links

Broken links can make for a bad user experience, and
search engines don’t like them either. Use the site Dead
Link Checker to figure out if there’s any broken links or
images on your site so they can be fixed or eliminated.

Delete unused media files

To sort out your media library, go to your media library
and choose Unattached from the drop-down menu
that says All media items. You can then select and
delete all media files not attached to a post or page. You
can also use a plugin like Media File Cleaner to help you
out with this task.

Delete unused plugins and themes

The most unnecessary form of website clutter comes
in the form of unused plugins and themes. You can
use a tool like P3 to see which plugins are bogging
your site down. (Also be sure to deactivate the plugins
you rarely use and delete any unused themes you no
longer use.)

These are just a few tips on what can be done to clean up your website.  Adirondack Online Services handles these tasks along with many more to make sure your website is running smooth.  So free up your time and enjoy your summer, knowing that Adirondack Online Services has your website covered.