DIY Website vs Professional

You’re starting a website for the business or redesigning the current website, that is great, every business needs a website.  Now the question comes do it yourself or hire a professional?

There are so many tools out there to get your business online, these tools include Wix, SquareSpace, website builders from GoDaddy and the list goes on.  Still even though they are website builders and most of the time, it is just drag and drop, think about other aspects of designing the website.

So the big question I am asked a lot is Website Builder vs Web Designer, Whenever I get asked this question, I weigh in on the Pros and Cons for both.  Sometimes the budget may only allow for a website builder, that is fine, it gives you a chance to build your online users and as business grows the website gets an overhaul.

So lets start with the Pros and Cons of a Website Builder


            Can get the website online quicker

            Cost is a lot less than a web designer

            Drag and Drop


            Lack of proper SEO

            Monitor and fix user and mobile experience

            Create lead generation strategies

            Keyword research and targeting

            Title optimization

            Local schema

            Image optimization

            Meta description optimization

            Google Analytics and Tag Manager integrations

            Sitemap creation

            Submit website to the major search engines.

Why hire a Web Designer? (Besides Professional Design, of Course)

A great web designer will take the time to understand your business.  This is important to help your business standout above your competition.  By working with a web designer, your layout is designed to fit the information that makes your business standout, not fit into a cookie cutter template. 


            Unique website designed for your business (not the niche)

            Built for SEO

            ADA Compliant

            Proper Hierarchy

            Person you can talk to

            One-time fee for building website (maintenance additional cost)


            More expensive

            Takes longer to build

            If doing maintenance yourself, will have to learn software

Just some other information about having a website designed by a professional, use Local SEO to their advantage, helping your site achieve rank.  When working with a web designer, they can also put together a lead generation plan or other digital strategy to help grow your business.

A web designer is also going to make sure your website meets ADA Compliance and put into place a privacy policy that works for your business. 

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