Yes, this statement is very vague, however in this instance we are discussing ADA Compliance and the steps that Adirondack Online Services does to help your website meet the official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2,1). The guidelines can be a bit overwhelming, so for this article we are only covering a few of the “BIG” ones.

So the first step in getting your website to be ADA Compliant is to get a baseline. For doing this we use three tools. These tools will grade your website and give us a complete picture of what needs to be done.

Our first test sees how compatible your website is for use with only a keyboard, this tests all aspects of the website from navigation to operation.

Our second test evaluates various types of common accessibility issues. The test is divided into 11 section, based on the WCAG 2.1 AA.

The sections are:

  • Clickables
  • Titles
  • Orientation
  • Menus
  • Graphics
  • Forms
  • Document
  • Readability
  • Carousels
  • Tables
  • General

The third test that we do is probably the most important, the screen reader test. Did you know that 99% of the lawsuits filed for not being compliant come from this section of the WCAG 2.1.

When performing the screen reader tests we look for the following items:

  • Proper Navigation
  • Proper Readouts
    • Buttons
    • Links
    • Menus
    • Menu Items
    • Lists
    • Tabs
    • And the list goes on.
  • Proper popup handling
  • Proper title hierarchy
  • Proper image descriptions (most common item to forget about adding to images)
  • Proper form fields descriptions and validations
  • Use Spacebar to select and deselect checkboxes and the up/down arrows to switch between radio button options.
  • If the information submitted was incorrect, the screen reader must inform you of the error

With all this information, you might ask what is the next process? The next process is to either fix the issues yourself or find someone that can fix these issues for you.

If you would like to learn how Adirondack Online Services can help your website be ADA Compliant and the software, we use on your website to keep it that way, reach out to us and schedule a free website accessibility check.