EnGenius provides K-12 schools with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor networking solutions that deliver the speed, range, and reliability required for Wi-Fi connectivity in high-density, 1:1 educational environments.

High-Performance Future-Proof Networks

EnGenius’ products employ peak performing wireless 11ac Wave 2 technology that supports the demands of digital learning. Upgrading school Wi-Fi from older, slower technology to 11ac future-proofs the network for next five years. Quickly and affordably add 11ac wireless coverage and increase network capacity in classrooms, common areas and across campus.

Flexible, Scalable Network Management

The Neutron Series is highly flexible and scales to meet the needs of a single campus network, or of distributed networks across the district. The solution simplifies network configuration and management, enabling remote management of the campus network, or multiple campus networks, from a
single location.

Lower CAPEX + Lower OPEX =

More $$ for Education Technology

EnGenius’ industry-leading price-performance value, delivers enterprise-class performance at affordable price points without licensing or subscription fees. By providing larger front-end discounts than its competitors, EnGenius lowers overall Wi-Fi capital and operational expenses, helping schools stretch technology budgets for other important initiatives.

Network Design Assistance &

Unparalleled Customer Service

Whether you have a simple configuration question or need site design services, Adirondack Online Services offers a full product support system, to ,ale sure your configuration is working correctly. Get the pre- and post-sales support you need to confidently deploy a high-performance network for education technology initiatives.

Quickly Communicate Across Campus

With the Push of a Button

EnGenius’ long-range cordless business telephone systems and durable handsets deliver reliable communication across campuses and in multi-floor buildings. These expandable systems are easily deployed in existing PBX and IP-PBX systems and offer phone, Push-to-Talk Broadcast and Two-Way Intercom for quick, discrete contact. Choose between multi-line or single-line systems.

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