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Social media sites have a lot of benefits. However there are still some major reasons why you should still have a website for your business. In this article, we are going to give you the top 5 reasons why having a Facebook is not enough for your business.

  1. Your Website is Your Digital Storefront The internet has grown in size since the days of Dial-up access. Today more people use the internet to search for businesses and less time opening the Yellow Pages. So what does this mean for you? Having a website is your Digital Storefront. It is your online location where people expect to find contact information, a list of your products and services, images, reviews, pricing and more. By not having a website, is like not having a physical location for your business. When a person searches for your business and they see that you do not have a website, thoughts of “is this company trustworthy? Is it a temporary business? Why do they only have a Facebook page?” These questions arise from not having a physical presence on the internet. Don’t get me wrong you an have great success with just Facebook, however according to a recent study 1 out of 3 people are not on social media of any kind, and also refuse to click on results in Google searches that only show Facebook pages.
  2. Facebook does not offer a lot of flexibility for sharing information Okay yes, you can share posts and images. However we are not referring to that part of Facebook. We are referring to the amount of information that you can have on Facebook. It is very limited in content. You can add a nice description and post daily updates. What you cannot do is create pages and pages of content. Stuff like your company history, services, products and examples of work like you can on your own website. Having a website gives you the flexibility to structure your information the way you want it. With a website you can have multi-level navigation displaying endless amounts of information that will be easy to find.
  3. You Will Struggle to Rank organically with just a Facebook Page If your in business, you require leads or customers to keep your business operating and to keep up with your competition. One of the best ways to generate leads online is through search engines optimization (SEO). More and more people are relying on search to find products and services. The goal of every business that is online is to organically rank in search results for their keywords. Let’s say you own a car repair shop, you want people to search for car repair and have your business show up. With having a website, your keywords will help you rank so that people doing the search will find your business. Facebook and other social media will help you to rank, but without a website you will have little luck ever ranking on the first page of results, the result will be your competition getting the business instead of you. With a website you will have the flexibility to build links and create content, these are two major components of SEO.
  4. Facebook Has Limited Analytics Facebook has some awesome analytics, however they do not compare to what Google has to offer. Google Analytics is a great tool that provides detailed statistics, offers amazing insights into how users are interacting with your website. With Web Analytics, you can see how a sale was made, what path the visitor took, how long they were on your website, bounce rates, number of visitors at specific times of day and so much more. Facebook Analytics cannot tell you this, that leaves you with less information than that of your competitors who have invested in a website.
  5. A Website Offers Creative Freedom If your business colors are Blue and Grey, then that is great because Facebook uses Blue and Grey. However your business is unique, you have special font’s you use for your logo, specific colors that identify your business. I always tell people that having a website is an investment, like adding on to your business or expanding your business to a new location. The more visible you are, the more your business will grow.

We are not saying that having a Facebook page for your business is a bad thing, having a Facebook page is another tool that will complement your business website. We use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google + as an extension of our website, we post promotions, daily tips and other information that is helpful to our followers. However the promotions we post link right back to our website. That way it is consistent with our business theme and drives traffic so potential clients can see what else we offer.