Managed Services

For managed service providers (MSPs) who specializes in data network deployment, service, and management, Adirondack Online Services offers a robust portfolio of networking solutions designed to help enhance your offerings, improve customer support, and maximize revenues.

Flexible, Scalable Distributed 

Network Management

Neutron Series Distributed Network Management Solution enables MSPs to easily deploy, provision, configure, manage, and update an unlimited number of distributed networks across various cities, regions, or countries, regardless of size, 
all from a single location.

Easy Deployment & Integration

EnGenius wired and wireless networking products are also managed via SNMP, enabling integration with an existing MSP management platform. EnGenius provides MIBs (Management Information Bases) for each of its products, making it simple for MSPs to add access points to an existing SNMP-based platform.

Connectivity Everywhere

MSPs can provide connectivity anywhere with EnGenius’ robust portfolio of indoor and outdoor long-range access points & bridges that provide reliable, high-speed access to support bandwidth-intensive applications, even in high-density or harsh environments. For extended range point-to-point or point-to-multipoint links, the EnStation series provides connectivity over distances up to five miles.

Lower CAPEX + Lower OPEX = 

Increased Revenues

EnGenius offers an industry-leading price-performance value, delivering enterprise-class performance at affordable price points without charging licensing or subscription fees to monitor or manage its solutions, allowing MSPs to maximize their revenue. And EnGenius provides a larger front-end discount than competitors, lowering the cost of deployments.

Advanced Replacement & Unparalleled

Customer Service

To minimize downtime in the event of hardware issues, advanced replacement units are available at distributors. Whether you have a simple configuration question or need full design services, Adirondack Online Services offers a full product support system.  With EnGenius products, we have their full support as well,  all their Field Application Engineers and Customer Service Technicians are CWNA certified.

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