Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Reach your ideal customer in their favorite hangout spots online with highly targeted pay-per-click ads.

Intent-Driven Ads that Understand Your Audience

Supplement your SEO strategy with an intent-driven PPC campaign. Website optimization is organic, so it can take some time before it produces significant results. On the other hand, PPC ads give you hard results fast. And a properly executed ad campaign delivers even with a limited budget.

The effectiveness of paid ads relies heavily on the intent of the user. Their intent will determine the keywords you use, the platforms you choose, and the messaging of your ads. If done well, your ads will reach your ideal customer in the channels they most frequently visit.

Adirondack Online Services offers intent-driven PPC advertising services. We’ll craft a powerful ad campaign that achieves your marketing objectives, maximizing the returns on your ad spend.

Remarketing Ads

Have plenty of site visitors that left without checking out their carts? Bring them back to your website through a smart remarketing strategy. The ads will reach them in channels and websites they frequent, reminding them of your brand and enticing them to visit you again.

Remarketing Ads
Social Ads

Social Ads

Social media networks have their own ad platforms. These offer advanced targeting features, letting you zero in on a very specific group of people. You can determine the demographic, location, and interest of the reach of your ads.

Search Ads

Paid search ads appear above organic results, so they get maximum exposure. The key is to target keywords that drive a high enough traffic but has low competition. This increases your chances of securing the top spot on the SERPs.

Search Ads

How Your Business Benefits from a PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click ads are an effective way to boost traffic and increase online sales. Remarketing ads remind site visitors of items they were looking at. Social ads focus on the interests of a specific demographic in a given location. Search ads help secure a good spot on search engine results. How else do you benefit from PPC?

One of the best things about pay-per-click services is that you can easily track its performance. You can use Google Ads and Google Analytics to measure how well your campaign is doing. These tools give you insights on how many impressions, clicks, and conversions your ads get. We can sum these up in a report that shows the results of your current ads and how we can optimize them.

With PPC advertising, you’re always in control. You can choose which keywords you want to use for the ad messages. You can choose where your ads appear and how often they appear, depending on your budget. This makes it easier to scale up when you see that your ads are doing well, or to take a break when you want to modify these ads for better audience engagement.

Organic and local SEO have a slow and steady way of helping you climb up the rankings of search engine results pages. They don’t show immediate results. So if you want a quicker way to reach your online marketing goals, PPC is the way to go. The impressions, clicks, and conversions of your PPC ads also give you insights into what would work for your SEO strategy.

Adirondack Online Services is a small veteran-owned agency. We understand the marketing objectives of other small and medium businesses in New York. For this reason, we offer PPC advertising services that deliver great results regardless of your budget. Let’s use these intent-driven ads to boost your profits.

Let’s Create a Powerful Ad Campaign Today

Your paid ads are only as effective as their intent. An intent-driven PPC campaign uses the right keywords when creating attractive ad messaging to be posted on the appropriate platforms. Our team crafts a powerful ad campaign that calls out to your target audience. Let’s get started today.

Tap audiences who are likely to buy from your brand to increase your customer base. Email us to schedule a consultation and let's discuss how you can reach your ideal customer.

Adirondack Online Services is a veteran-owned, full-service digital marketing agency in New York, dedicated to serving small and medium businesses. We launch powerful marketing campaigns that drive your business to the top, creating an online presence that emphasizes a value proposition only you can offer.

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