We Take Your Business to the next level

You might be sitting there wondering, how can Adirondack Online Services take my business to the next level?

The simplist answer to this is by increasing your online presence.  This can be done by utilizing the different forms of online marketing that exist today.

At Adirondack Online Services we take a different approach to helping your business reach more clients, be seen and get people talking about your business.

In this article, we will give a brief outline of the procedure we utilize for each client that we work with.

Step 1:
No two businesses are cut from the same mold.  Okay so what does that mean?  I a firm believer that in order to increase your business, we need to know about your business.  This includes meeting with the owners, the employees, talk to some existing customers, learn about your competition.  By first doing this initial assessment, we can gain a better understanding of your business and tailor what we offer to fit your business needs.

Step 2:
Once the review is completed, we put together some different strategies.  These strategies could include a new website/update existing website, creating social media accounts/enhance social media accounts and create ad copy that can be used in A/B testing.

Step 3:
In Step 3, we look at all of the information that we gathered and put together what is recommended for your business into a easy to read presentation.  This presentation could include the following:

  • Composites of new or updated website.
  • Sample Social Media Accounts
  • Sample list of Keywords (Organic and Paid)
    Local/National SEO Plan
    Local Listings
    Citation Creations
    Blog Ideas
    Guest Blogger
    Video Ads
    And many more features to enhance the growth of your business.

Step 4
This is what I like to call the fun part of the process.  After we have discussed options, I begin to implement the plan.  Depending on what is being done, this could be a week or longer.

I also like to make note that if you are doing a SEO Plan, doing a one month plan is not going to yeild very good results.  It takes at least 3 months to see the effects of using SEO and achieve higher page rank.

Step 5
Keep going!  What do I mean by that?  If we did a website redesign, then lets keep enhancing the website, add new features, update content.  The worse thing to do when you have a website is to let it sit idle.  To keep the competitive edge in search rankings, updates, new content, blogs and so on will increase your place in the ranks and help keep you there.

If you are doing an SEO Plan, don’t stop after 3 months.  Keep it going, your competitor is going to keep their campaign going to gain an edge on your business.  Don’t give them an opportunity.

Beginning in November I will be doing a weekly post about the 21 Steps that I use to create a successful website.  So be sure to check that out when it gets posted.




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