week 3 – keeping your pc cool

Hello, and welcome to Thursday Tech Tip brought to you by Adirondack Online Services. I’m outside today enjoying the nice warm air with a slight breeze. But part of the reason why I’m out here is that I want to talk about something that a lot of people do not think about with their desktop laptops, and that is keeping them cool. I see a lot of times when I go job sites, desktops put inside cabinets with door closed, sitting on the floor with the side, with the vents on it, leaning right up against the side of the desk. So it inhibits airflow. But desktops, you want to keep them open around them. You want to have good airflow in from the back and then out the side comes the exhaust to keep fresh air moving through, to keep the processor memory hard, drive all that stuff cool. Same thing with laptops. You don’t want to sit there with your laptops at a desk with tons of paper underneath it, or sit on the couch with a blanket on you and have it rest on you because you’re blocking out the bottom of a laptop, which is where a lot of the cooling, comes in or out from. So some tips I like to tell people laptops is if you’re going to be on it for a long time and you find that you’re going to be sitting on a couch, use a laptop desk, you know, usually it’s a piece of wood that stain, get laptop, rise your desk or your laptop, cool fans that plug into the USB port. And when it comes to desktops, get putting cabinets on the side of the desk. Look at just drilling a couple of holes in the side or the back to help bring in some fresh air. You don’t want that cabinet to get really hot and then the degrade the performance of your computer. Stop by next Thursday for another tech tip brought to you by Adirondack Online Services.

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