So your sitting there thinking about the pages you need for your website, did you think about adding a Privacy Policy page? Yes this might sound crazy, especially if your website is not going to be making money for you. However with changes to privacy laws across the country and the world, not having a privacy policy could cost you more than the cost to have one.

In the ever-changing landscape of law, the newest such. law varies from state to state and by country. If you have a website and use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or any other type of tracking visitor software, guess what you need a privacy policy.

With states like California and Nevada each having their own privacy protection laws, Canada having their own and then the GDPR, you want to make sure you are covering all the bases.

There are multiple options to produce a privacy policy for your website. The most common method is to hire a lawyer or use an online privacy policy generator. This is a good start, however is it going to protect you if someone from Nevada wants to file a lawsuit for privacy violations and you’re in New York? What about a Canadian resident filing a lawsuit against your business and you live in Florida?

What if the laws changed, will you know that your privacy policy needs to be updated? Privacy Policies is an ever-changing landscape, as new technologies get developed, privacy laws will evolve.

Our process takes all of this into account. We use a software package that updates itself automatically, adding in new information or adding state specific requirements into the wording.

If you want to chat about how Adirondack online Services can help you with having the right privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimer on your website, reach out to us and we can discuss your needs.